Water Works

Water Works

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2 011

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  • The World Around UsWater


  • Exercise & Sports
  • Exercise & SportsExercise
  • The World Around Us

 EPISODE #102 – “WATER WORKS” SAFETY EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – WATER SAFETY, INVOLVING RULES FOR SWIMMING, DIVING, BOATING, AND MORE PRO-SOCIAL EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE - TEAMWORK When Commander Octagon and his no-good cohorts build their vast underwater hideout, they cause the oceans to rise and chaos to reign in the world’s largest water park. It takes Fallbot and the Danger Rangers working as a team to save the water park and the world, as they teach young viewers crucial water safety lessons. These include the importance of learning to swim; swimming with a buddy; swimming only in approved areas; and not swimming when one is too tired, too cold, or too full; the value of   wearing life vests and other safety equipment, and maintaining this equipment in good working order; the necessity of adult supervision when around water; the importance of knowing pool rules, and not running, pushing or shoving when around a pool; the necessity of listening to the lifeguard and not swimming out too far when at the beach; the importance of checking for other swimmers before jumping in water; and being sure to dive in sufficiently deep water.