Where The Fun Never Stops

Where The Fun Never Stops

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2 011

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 EPISODE #104 – “WHERE THE FUN NEVER STOPS”SAFETY EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – PLAY AND PLAYGROUND SAFETY PRO-SOCIAL EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – RESPECTING OTHERS The Danger Rangers teach viewers and kids playing dangerously in the playground a lesson in play and playground safety. When Manderbill, the mad duck, places prizes in the playground in order to make children play extra-wildly so that he can harness their excess energy, he puts the children in peril. During the Danger Rangers’ investigation of this situation, they are initially captured by Manderbill, but later manage to escape and save the kids with the help of the Junior Danger Rangers. Kids and viewers learn the importance of playing according to playground rules; remaining under adult   supervision; staying in designated areas, and avoiding the street; not staying out after dark; using equipment only as intended; being careful, taking turns and not pushing or shoving; not getting in front of others when they are on the slide or swings; keeping shoes and socks on in the sandbox; and respecting and not taking advantage of others.