Medicine Mix-Up

Medicine Mix-Up

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2 011

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 EPISODE #105 – “MEDICINE MIX-UP” SAFETY EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – TAKING CARE WITH MEDICINES AND VITAMINS IN ORDER TO AVOID ACCIDENTAL POISONING PRO-SOCIAL EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – EXERCISING COMMON SENSE When a mysterious rise in accidental poisonings occurs in town, the Danger Rangers have an opportunity to teach kids and viewers an important lesson in the proper way to deal with medicines and vitamins with the use of common sense. After investigating the situation, the Danger Rangers find out that Henri Ennui has invented a machine that is contaminating the smell of all the candy around the world. As the candy begins to smell bad, children stop eating it and start eating medicine they think is candy instead. The Danger Rangers are on the case and catch Henri and his evil minions as they teach the essentials of being careful with medicines and never treating it like candy. Vital lessons include the importance of taking medicine only from doctors, nurses, parents, or other caretakers; keeping medicines in locked cabinets and drawers; making sure that all medicines are properly labeled and have childproof caps; checking the expiration date each time medicine is taken; throwing medicine out down a drain – rather than in a trash can where a child can get it; and more.