Fallbot Forget Me Not

Fallbot Forget Me Not

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2 011

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 EPISODE #115 – “FALLBOT FORGET ME-NOT”SAFETY EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – GENERAL SAFETY TIP REVIEW PRO-SOCIAL EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – HELPFULNESS When Fallbot is hit by lightning, blows a circuit and loses his memory, the Danger Rangers do everything they can to help their friend by unscrambling his circuits and reinstalling all the safety tips he used to know. As the Danger Rangers re-teach Fallbot to make sure that swimming pools are fenced; that medicines and other dangerous substances are safely locked away; and that appropriate riding, fire and water safety measures are exercised, these points are reiterated for viewers too. When Fallbot is finally on the way to school to be classroom “Buddy for a Day”, he and viewers are reminded of safe pedestrian behaviors.