Mission 547, Safety Rules!

Mission 547, Safety Rules!

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2 011

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 EPISODE #116- “SAFETY RULES!”SAFETY EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – GENERAL SAFETY TIPS PRO-SOCIAL EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – PERSEVERANCE SAVO calls the Danger Rangers to action. Synchronizing their Safety Alert Vectometers, each Danger Ranger receives and carries out their own assignment. At the hazard house, young Lucky receives a SAVO watch by helping lead Kitty and Sully through the house, pointing out and successfully fixing hidden hazards, including baby choking dangers, and fire hazards. Ranger Burble visits the playground for a mountain bike rescue as he emphasizes playground and riding safety. Squeeky reviews important road hand signals, and discusses vehicle restraints. Ranger Burt makes new friends as he shows off his inventions and shares information on what to do if one gets lost and the importance of not going off with strangers. Viewers learn and review all these safety tips along with kids