Twins and Supertwins


Twins and Supertwins
A Handbook for Early Childhood Professionals






Approximately one in every 30 children born today is a twin or supertwin-a child of a higher-order multiple birth, such as a triplet or quadruplet. An increasingly growing population in preschool classrooms, you may have more questions and concerns regarding the best ways to care for and educate preschool-age children of multiple births. Twins and Supertwins addresses these issues and highlights best program practices supported by recent research and study findings; includes information on physical, social and emotional, and language development; identifies unique needs of twins and supertwins; and offers guidance to create partnerships with families. This comprehensive resource on educating twin children comes at a critical time. Twinning rates are rising and new information is accumulating at a rapid rate. Twins and Supertwins will help teachers, principals, administrators and parents make all the right decisions as twins, triplets and more approach the school-age years.?Dr. Nancy L. Segal?Professor of Psychology, CSU Fullerton?Author, Entwined Lives and Indivisible by Two Twins are truly something special, and require special care all their own. Twins and Supertwins: A Handbook for Early Childhood Professionals delves into the special needs of twins and supertwins, author Eve-Marie Arce's term for triplets or more. Twins require different care due to their nature of growing up together and the psychological issues that may arise; there is plenty of advice here for any parent or caretaker that applies to them. Twins and Supertwins is a read not to be missed for these individuals.? The Midwest Book Review

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