Wild Wheels

Wild Wheels

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2 011

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  • Gross Motor

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  • Social Studies

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  • Exercise & SportsSports


  • Exercise & Sports
  • Things We Use
  • Things We UseWheels

 EPISODE #101 – “WILD WHEELS” SAFETY EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – WHEEL SAFETY, INVOLVING BIKE-RIDING, ROLLERBLADING, SKATEBOARDING, RAZOR SCOOTING, AND MORE PRO-SOCIAL EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE - INTEGRITY In the course of helping out kids who are following some bad-guy skaters, and foiling Rusty Ringtail and the Ringtail Gang’s nefarious plan to rollerblade and ride their way to the top of the Statue of Liberty, The Danger Rangers teach young viewers the essentials of wheel safety along with a lesson in integrity. This includes the importance of wearing safety helmets and other appropriate safety equipment; staying away from perilous locations, such as construction sites; not going too fast; staying in the correct part of roadways, and using bike lanes whenever possible; crossing at cross-walks; making sure one’s riding equipment is the right size and in good repair; and obeying all rules of the road.