The Great Race

The Great Race

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2 011

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 EPISODE #107 – “THE GREAT RACE”SAFETY EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – PEDESTRIAN SAFETY PRO-SOCIAL EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP The Danger Rangers teach kids and viewers a lesson in the importance of exercising all pedestrian safety precautions possible. Worley the Weasel and his badger friend decide to capitalize on kids’ excitement with the Monster Truck Rally, and cheat them out of their money by charging kids to take part in an unfair race of their own. Worley and the badger move the race route signs, causing the racers to engage in unsafe pedestrian practices. When the Danger Rangers investigate and see what’s happening, they save the kids, make sure they are all winners and teach them the basics of pedestrian safety – looking left and right before stepping into the street, being sure to be clearly in view of all cars – not blocked by foliage or other cars, crossing only in designated cross-walks on green lights, and obeying crossing guards. Kids and viewers come to see the value of good sportsmanship