Cave Save

Cave Save

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2 011

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 EPISODE #108 – “CAVE SAVE” SAFETY EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – CHOOSING ONLY SAFE PLACES IN WHICH TO PLAY PRO-SOCIAL EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – PAYING ATTENTION The Danger Rangers teach kids and viewers to make smart decisions on places to go and play. Unsafe places should always be avoided. The kids encounter all sorts of dangers when they ignore the “Keep Out” sign and get lost in a dark cave, and then fall through the floor of an abandoned house while looking for Diaz’s gold. As the Danger Rangers rescue the kids, they convey the importance of playing only in safe designated areas, like parks and playgrounds with adult supervision. Children should pay attention to warning signs; never enter caves or other unknown places without an experienced guide; not play in abandoned cars, junk yards, pipes, subway tunnels, construction sites, grain silos, abandoned buildings or wells, and other dangerous places. When playing hide and seek, children should never hide in a washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, or freezer. Children should tell   adults to take doors off old refrigerators and freezers and tip them face down so that they cannot be entered.