Chem Gems

Chem Gems

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2 011

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 EPISODE #109 – “CHEM GEMS” SAFETY EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS AND TAKING CARE WITH HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS PRO-SOCIAL EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – THINKING-AHEAD The Danger Rangers teach kids and viewers a lesson in protecting their environment and themselves by taking care with hazardous chemicals and properly disposing of them, and the concomitant importance of thinking ahead. The Danger Rangers aid the London police investigate who has been putting chemicals on the streets and in the Thames River. In the course of apprehending the culprits and cleaning up the Thames, the Danger Rangers teach youngsters that there are harmful chemicals all around them that must be handled with care. These chemical agents must be labeled properly, closed securely, and locked away by adults. Children should not touch chemicals or put them in their mouth. Adults must dispose of dangerous chemicals only in special secure sites, so as not to endanger the environment.