Dog Days

Dog Days

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2 011

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 PISODE #110 – “DOG DAYS”SAFETY EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – DOG CARE AND SAFETY PRO-SOCIAL EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – ANIMAL RESPECT AND RESPONSIBILITY The Danger Rangers teach kids and viewers the essentials of proper dog care and ways for kids to be safe when around dogs. When Willy and Alice befriend stray dog, Ruffio, he follows them back to the Pooch Parade. Wild Ruffio repeatedly disrupts the Parade, and ultimately needs to be taken to Mr. Sherman’s pet shelter for training and shots. In the course of the Danger Rangers’ Dog Safety Show, they convey the importance of being respectful, kind, responsible and careful around all dogs. Danger Ranger lessons include the fact that dogs should not be startled, poked, teased, or squeezed; children should pet a dog only after getting their master’s permission; children should allow a dog to smell their hand, rather than putting their hand in it’s face; children should not panic when encountering a stray dog, but instead should either stay on the ground like a log, stand still as a tree or move away   slowly. Children should be responsible dog owners – feeding, exercising, caring for and training their pet.