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Go Games

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2 011

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 EPISODE #113 – “GO GAMES” SAFETY EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – RIDING SAFETY, EMPHASIZING PROPER RIDING GEAR PRO-SOCIAL EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE – GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP When Junior Danger Ranger Talya sets out to shoot a film about her favorite heroes, the Danger Rangers, as they prepare for a bike, skateboard, and rollerblading competition called the “Go Games,” she and the Rangers teach kids and viewers a lesson in the importance of riding safety and good sportsmanship. Teens from around the world come to compete, and are all wearing their safety equipment properly and set to compete fairly, except for two -- Chancy McSpill and his sidekick Duncan. These two are not wearing the right safety equipment, and are doing everything they can to cheat in order to unfairly win the race. It is not until Talya’s camera lens catches Chancy and Duncan’s dangerous actions, that the Danger Rangers are finally able to stop them. Viewers learn the value of always wearing helmets, and elbow, wrist and knee pads; how to properly fit their riding helmets; the importance of riding on appropriate riding surfaces that are not too bumpy; being aware of other vehicles when riding; not riding erratically, and more.