Perspectives on Gender in Early Childhood


Perspectives on Gender in Early Childhood


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Perspectives on Gender in Early Childhood provides a rich collection of academic essays reflecting the contributing authors' research to explore and understand how children learn about their gender identity with the adults who teach them. These essays come from a diverse group of early childhood scholars from around the United States and Europe: Understanding Our Gender Identity: Connecting the Personal with the Professional-Tamar Jacobson, PhD Practical Applications from the History of Gender and Early Childhood Education-Blythe Hinitz, EdD and Dorothy Hewes, PhD Discussing Gender-Eila Estola, PhD Do Daddies Wear Lipstick? and Other Child-Teacher Conversations Exploring Constructions of Gender-Jeanne Marie Iorio, EdD, and Hema Visweswaraiah, MA One Hundred Hotdogs, or Performing Gender in the Elementary Classroom-Gail Masuchika Boldt, PhD Encouraging Men in Their Conversations with Children-Josh Thompson, PhD, and Stephen Garretson, PhD student in child development Gender Portrayal in Early Childhood Children's Books-Clarissa M. Uttley, PhD, and Cynthia A. Roberts, PhD student in behavioral science Using Picture Books and Literacy Experiences to Help Boys and Girls Develop Literacy and Socio-Emotional Skills-Debby Zambo, PhD The Role of Early Childhood in Gender Differences in Mathematics-Sylvia Bulgar, EdD Block Building in the Primary Classroom as a Gender Equalizer in Math and Science-Debra Dyer, EdD Healthy Sexuality Development and Gender Roles in Early Childhood-Donna Couchenour, PhD, and Kent Chrisman, EdD Creating Preschool Classroom Environments That Promote Gender Equity-Janis Strasser, EdD, and Lisa Mufson Koeppel, MA Lessons Learned Early: Girls Wait-Sonja de Groot Kim, PhD Men in Education: Reframing the Gender Issue-Shaun Johnson, PhD

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