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Roots & Wings
Affirming Culture in Early Childhood Programs, Revised Edition



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Roots and Wings was published over a decade ago as the first practical resource for early childhood teachers on the new topic of multicultural education. Completely updated, this new edition retains the best of the original while presenting current anti-bias and culturally relevant issues in educating young children in a clear and organized way. With over 100 new and revised activities, practical examples, and staff-training recommendations, the revised edition also includes new chapters on bilingual education, culturally responsive teaching, and children and prejudice. Nine comprehensive chapters provide a thorough and accessible introduction to working with diverse children and families in early childhood settings. The book also includes an updated, extensive list of suggested resources. An ideal resource for early childhood teachers, program directors, pre-service and in-service teacher trainers, and parents interested in anti-bias and multicultural education. Roots and Wings will open doors to beginners in cultural diversity education, and will enrich the more experienced readers. It is a grand tool for assisting early childhood educators to address the many-faceted and complex issues of cultural diversity and racial prejudice.... I recommend this book to any teacher, caregiver, or parent who wants to begin learning what it means to foster young children's respect for themselves and others.-Louise Derman-Sparks, author, Anti-Bias Curriculum York's book has a wonderful store of activities to use with young children, an authoritative discussion of how prejudice develops, and a sensible approach to the process of creating personal and social change. It also presents an excellent rationale for multicultural education.... Inspiring and hard working, Roots and Wings will be appreciated by teacher educators, curriculum planners, teachers, and parents.-Young Children This remarkable book presents a vision of culturally appropriate early childhood education. Beginning with clear definitions of key terms the author goes on to examine the professional roots and development of multicultural and anti-bias education in the United States. She lays out the process, principles and strategies for implementing multicultural E.C.E, the ultimate goal being the empowerment of children. The writing style and organization of the book makes its message easily accessible to the reader. Particularly useful chapters are about children's awareness of differences and talking to children about differences.-Early Childhood Multicultural Services This cultural resource written by Stacey York gives children the courage of their cultural roots and the power of wings to soar above prejudice. A culturally responsive program is created with this new book, showing how culture influences the classroom and how to shape positive attitudes.-International Institute of Minnesota At a time when scholarly journals have devoted entire issues to the topic of multicultural education, it is extremely helpful to have a book containing good, practical, age-appropriate activities designed to promote awareness of multicultural issues among children.-Association for Childhood Education International

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