Primary Teacher Seat: ProfilePlanner

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The ProFile Planner is sold on an annual subscription model based on the number of classrooms purchased. Enterprise-level pricing is available for university, union, agency and/or multi-center accounts and, along with requests for customization and branding, is determined based on the needs of the client and the scope of work to be done.  

ProFile Planner can incorporate a proprietary curriculum and customized interface to complement the user's brand.  Alternatively, the Planner can be purchased and pre-loaded with the Learn Every Day curriculum.  (To order the Learn Every Day Planner directly from Kaplan, visit their website.)

Included in the annual subscription:

10,000+ activities, comprised of 6,500 online activities and access to an online music library of over 3,000 songs in 40 genres and 27 languages

  • Activities searchable by age group, content area, development area, instructions, interaction type, learning center, materials, etc.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality to move activities, music, apps, etc. from the search engine directly onto the lesson planning calendar

A content library of activities, videos and other related early childhood materials from other leading authors and publishers such as Discovery Video, Alpha Best and SAS Institute.

A customizable lesson planning calendar that allow you to:

  • Establish and schedule routines, learning centers and topics
  • Add your own preferred activities to the lesson plan
  • Edit materials lists, assign standards and learning objectives to each activity
  • Add your own keywords to activities for customized search results
  • Attach results from other web-based resources to lesson plans, child portfolios and journal entries

    Including social media sites such as YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram

  • Build your online digital content library by purchasing music, eBooks, apps and videos directly from the iActive Learning iShop
  • Import your proprietary curriculum and other custom reports
  • Purchase the ProFile Planner pre-loaded with Kaplan Early Learning’s Learn Every Day Infant/Toddler, Twos and Preschool Curriculum
  • Work across multiple platforms including PC, Mac and iOS

Child Development screening tools:

  • Screenings by age-appropriate development areas, including growth and physical, self-help and cognitive, social and emotional
  • Screening results that roll into date/time-stamped reports that can be used to easily track and map progress by child and/or by classroom

A web-based communications portal whereby:

  • Teachers can create “connections” in the Planner, which enable them to send messages to parents via a web interface. When these notifications are sent, parents received an email notification and then must login to the website to view or retrieve content
  • In addition to messages, teachers can flag journal entries to be sent to parents, and calendar entries to be shown to parents in the web interface
  • Parents can view today’s “My Busy Day” entries under the reports tab in the web interface

And coming soon, a mobile parent app through which parents can:

  • View the classroom schedule
  • Receive push notifications in real time for diapering, naps, meals, and incident reports
  • Read journal entries and view photos or videos
  • Receive scheduled reminders
  • Receive emergency alerts and school-wide messages

The app will support recent versions of iOs and Android, phone and tablet. Pricing model to be determined.

* On-site training and onboarding is available in ½ day and full day increments.