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The iActive iShop is an extensive electronic mall of resources for early childhood educators and the families of young learners.  iActive’s  powerful search engine links you to thousands of products carefully screened and selected by education experts who understand how children learn and which items work most effectively within a classroom or home environment.


Ranging from eBooks to music, apps and videos, the products offered in the iShop supplement instruction while engaging children in a variety of genres and activities.  The iShop’s online structure shortens the time needed to locate, choose and organize materials needed for a teacher’s individual lesson plans.  Products are also available to families who wish to support the teacher’s goals for their child or simply add to their personal library of educational activities.  Subscribers to the ProFile Planner may readily access products in the iShop for incorporation into their lesson planning database.


Check out your choices…



Read-along and interactive eBooks from leading publishers, like Gryphon House, Inc. 


Activity books from Free Spirit Publishing, Inc., Kaplan Early Learning Company, Redleaf Press


Children’s classics, digitally enhanced by Once Upon An App



Favorite early childhood artists like Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer; Hap Palmer; Jeanie B!;  Kid’s Music for Everyone; Miss Jackie Music Company; Music for Little People, etc.


New emerging artists


More than 3,000 song selections in 40 genres and 27 languages in an ever-expanding music library


Free “Song of the Week”


Purchase mp3 downloads, individual tracks or full albums



Identifying, matching, counting and more with developmentally appropriate, richly illustrated applications



Characters and stories from such recognizable brands as Mighty Kids Media


Visit the iShop to find a myriad of activities, children’s eBooks and classics, apps, videos, and a new free song each week, all readily accessible and affordable.  


Visit now and come back often.